First Time Home Buyer Tips To Avoid

Dated: 01/09/2019

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Sydni Chattman - SRC Regal Properties - Real Estate

1. Not inquiring about first-time home buyer programs or grants

There are many opportunities to receive down payment assistance and other programs in your desired city. Don't ever be afraid is ask your Real Estate Agent about updated programs and grants! You will almost always qualify for something!

2. Buying a home that is too expensive

You also want to consider the costs for the upkeep of your home, after purchasing it. Can you comfortably pay your mortgage, utilities, maintenance and other items that are important? Make sure to ask your Agent about these possible costs. Excitement is great, but reality is priority!

3. Not being organized or prepared

W-2, tax returns, bank statements, credit reports; these are all items you want to always keep readily available throughout the entire purchasing process.

4. Skipping the home inspection

It's great to cut cost when possible, but opting out of a home inspection is NOT the way to do it! Having a trained eye specialist perform a home inspection prior to closing on a home is vital and more importantly, it protects you!

5. Not hiring a Real Estate Agent

Avoiding lawsuits, negotiations, proper documentation, legalities and compliances, shall I go on? We as Real Estate Professionals have specialized experience to assist you with a smooth transaction! And yes, we are just as excited as your are! 

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